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Fire Cape Tier 2

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TheFireCape staff will beat the TzHaar cave mini-game in no time and you will be able to enjoy Fire Cape without spending countless hours and supplies!

Average delivery time is up to 4-6 hours. (can take up to 24 hours in extremely rare cases). Delivery time depends on your skills and waiting queue.
No supplies needed.
No access to bank is needed. We will never ask your bank PIN.
When your order is done you will receive confirmation email to your specified email address.
Make sure your account meets minimum requirements for the service.
Ava's attractor OR Ava's accumulator must be in your inventory.
Account authenticator must be disabled to prevent your account from being locked.
For maximum safety please set up temporary password. You can change it to original after order is completed.
IMPORTANT: Do not login to your account while your order is being processed. Your account can be automatically locked which will prevent your order being completed in a timely manner.