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Dragon defender

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What we will do

We will complete 11 pre-quests stated below and 7 of the recipe for disaster sub-quests and purchase the adamant gloves from the Culinaromancer for you.

Cook's Assistant
Fishing Contest
Goblin Diplomacy
Gertrude's Cat
Shadow of the Storm
Demon Slayer
The Golem
Big Chompy Bird Hunting
The Grand Tree
Tree Gnome Village
Monkey Madness

Skills/other requirements

10 Fishing
20 Firemaking
42 Crafting
25 Thieving
30 Ranged
5 Fletching
10 Mining
70 Cooking
48 Agility
43 Prayer
Mid combat around 40

What you need to do and know before placing RS quest/service order with us:

Make sure you have met minimum requirements for the service to be started
If required get items we require to complete your service. Feel free to advice with our customer service support regarding specific items and how we can help in cases if you do not have them
Disable account authenticator to prevent your account from being locked while one of our professionals is servicing your order from another location
Change your account password for something temporary for extra safety
Your bank pin is required so we can use your inventory and complete the service

Important: You are not allowed to log into your account until you receive a confirmation email that your order has been completed, stating that your service is completed.
If you attempt to log into your account while your order is being processed, it could result in your account being automatically locked, preventing the order from being completed.